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What is Battlegrounds Genesis?

Champions Tropy

Master Ace Ramirez designed “Battlegrounds Genesis” as a tool for KRU Muay Thai students to test their skills in the ring. It is a intramural event that brings to life the process which one will need to prepare for competition. At t he same time, it will give an opportunity for the new coach to experience training a novice for amateur muay thai contests. Battlegrounds Genesis is a series that does not decision single winners. Everybody who participates will receive much more than a medal, they will receive what can never be attained in simple group classes. They will be tested by first accepting a goal, its deadline, maintaining their strict schedule of training, nutrition, target weight and finally the challenge between one’s opponent and oneself.


If you are interested in competing in an upcoming Battlegrounds Genesis or to purchase a DVD copy of previous evnets, please contact your Instructor or email us at




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