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Lifestyle Success Topic 2 Review – Mindset

What is a mindset?                                          Millionaire/Billionaire Mindset? Examples Laws of Attraction are not about dating or relationships directly, but about the essence of Karma. What we give is also what we get.   Law is impartial as the law of gravity. You will fall to ground whether you are nice or mean.If things don’t go […]

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Lifestyle Success Topic 1 Review – Organization

The following is an outline of last month’s Lifestyle Success Workshop on “Organization”.   Week 1 Topic “Organization” In order for us to succeed we need to develop clarity in where we are and where we are headed. 1.       Champion Success Plan a.       Know what you want – very difficult to answer b.      Have a Plan […]

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Martial Arts featured on MTV Made

Martial Arts was featured on MTV’s hit Reality series “Made”.  This is great since all throughout the world, Martial Arts Instructors already are “making” people reach their goals. The story is about Rachel Faust, a young high school girl who lives in NJ who is tired of being picked on, wants more self confidence and […]

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