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Domestic Violence – Why do they stay?

Please watch this video and get some insight on the disturbing topic of Domestic Violence    

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KRU Conference 2013 Day 1

Good morning, Coaches! Wow I feel great. Day 1 is in the books and We covered about hald of Level 2 KRU Muay Thai Curriculum, Started Coach Interviews for video release, and some stock footage for school viral videos. I want to thank Senei Ken Freiberg ( and Dr. Perry Nickleston ( on thier presentations […]

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I Can’t Sleep

It is 4am and I am up bright and early because I am very excited! We have officially kicked off the KRU Muay Thai Instructor weekend yesterday. First of all it was good to see all the coaches get to NJ safely from their flights from all over the country tonight. I just want to […]

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Inspiration Story – Ari Meisel Beats Crohn’s Disease

A couple weeks ago, I heard about Ari Meisel, who’s taught thousands of people his productivity hacks he’s worked on for years. He was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2006, beat the so-called “incurable” disease, and then completed the IronMan in 2011. If anything, you should at least watch his TED talk to hear his […]

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10 Common Sense Rules

Good News By Bedros Keuilian All too often we forget what we should remember and we remember what we should forget. It’s officially 2013, and whether you hit your goals for 2012 or you missed them by a mile – forget them. If you did hit your goals in 2012, that’s great, but it’s not […]

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Zumba Fitness classes in Tenafly NJ

If you are looking for Zumba Classes in Tenafly, Englewood, Cresskill, Bergenfield and Dumont area, we have the perfect location for you to get started or continue your fun! We have officially trained and licensed ZIN trainers and can accommodate all times that is convenient for you. Just fill out the below and we will get right […]

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Fitness Classes in Northern Valley NJ

If you are interested in amazing fitness classes in Northern Valley NJ area please fill out below and receive special BONUS!         KRU Training Camp is proud to offer unique methods of training that will provide fun, fitness, strength and conditioning.  STRENGTH doesn’t come from what you CAN do. It comes from […]

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The Six Lessons I Live By

This is a wonderful article written by Ari Emanuel Read and enjoy! More importantly… Apply! 1. Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you and move out of their way. If you feel like you know everything, you’re wrong. I know what I don’t know and then I find partners who can teach me. A […]

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Speaking to your kids about Sandy Hook

Here is an article by Dr. Robyn Silverman regarding the Shooting at Newtown, Ct shooting. I hope this will help you. We have all heard the horrific news by now. At 9:40am this morning, a masked gunman named Adam Lanza entered Sandy Hook elementary school and fired a gun around 100 times. He killed 26 people, 6 adults and […]

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