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May 5, 2011 Playtime

So after my last email to Debbie about not getting calls from DJ and if I do they are never at 6:30pm as agreed, but much later like 7:45 when it is common knowledge that I am working and cannot speak at the time, Dj calls me today at 5:30pm. She tells me that she […]

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April 7, 2011 Home sick

Today I received an email stating that DJ was senthome from school with a fever. I emailed Debbie back telling her for DJ to give me a call earlier since she may be resting at the normal call time at 6:30pm. DJ called me on my cell at around 2:15pm. Debbie said that she will […]

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Natalia’s Party

On this day we had yet another party for this weekend. It was for her good friend Natalia Leaf. She had it at the Montclair Art Museum but in an annex that they just added that had ceramics and pottery design. It was pretty messy but it was a novel idea for a party. They […]

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Madeline and Gabriel’s Party!

Today DJ was invited to her 1st Grade classmate’s birthday party at NJ Rock. Although DJ had been to this place before she was a bit intimidated but she really had a great time. Kristine was there for support since today both Coach Clement and Marisol had to take a BJJ seminar in Verona as […]

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