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KRU Muay Thai Instructor Certification – Ivan Pellei

Dear Master Ace Ramirez, Thank You for an amazing weekend in Tampa, Florida! Speaking to you as a person that has been involved in the Martial Arts business for many years as a martial arts academy owner, it is refreshing to speak to someone that not only has an amazing program in Kru Muay Thai […]

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KRU Muay Thai POK – Review and Testimonials

“KRU Muay Thai is a very structured program as opposed to most “shotgun” approach… for me this is the program I am interested in training.” – Jim Hartford Dojo, Connecticut after taking first seminar with Master Ace Ramirez    

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KRU Muay Thai Certification Review – Greg Borrego Testimonial

Coach Greg Borrego, The Dojo Karate Academy in Texas says:   “Master Ace has helped me through the whole process, he has coached me step by step on how to run curriculum, most importantly how to put it all together. How to turn a traditional martial arts school to a (KRU) Muay Thai school. I […]

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Testimonial for Muay Thai Training with Master Ace – KRU Scott Meier

KRU Scott Meier has been training in martial arts and Muay Thai for years. He is the Head Instructor for Itsera Fitness in Colorado and had attended an intensive Instructor Training for KRU Muay Thai Orientation Certification with Master Ace Ramirez. He says: “Not only was the experience was great, but more the personal touch… […]

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Muay Thai Instructor Certification Review – Jonathon Yaung

Here is another testimonial from a participant of a 2011 KRU Muay Thai Coach and Instructor Certification Training Weekend with Master Ace Ramirez Coach Jonathon Yaung, Combinations MMA in New Jersey says: “I’ve been doing Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai and BJJ and I learned more about training and teaching this past weekend than in most […]

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KRU Instructor Certification Training Review – Shawn Monday

This review is from Coach Shawn Monday from Bulldog Muay Thai in Kansas City. Coach Shawn has trained in Thailand many times and has stayed for as long as 14 months. Here is what he has to says about KRU Muay Thai and Master Ace Ramirez: “I have been training Muay Thai for 12 years, and […]

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KRU Muay Thai Training Experience – Kareem Amerson

Coach Kareem Amerson, KRU Muay Thai in West Virginia says:   “KRU Muay Thai Certification… I love it, It’s tough, It’s thorough, and It teaches you how to be a proper Thai fighter. It helps you build up your school, increase your enrollment, all the things you need to have a good martial arts program […]

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How to be a Better Muay Thai Coach – KRU Muay Thai Coach Certification Review

After attending a Seminar Series with Master Ace Ramirez, Coach Lior Klejner, a muay thai instructor from Jeff Gordon MMA in Maryland says: “Most important I learned how to teach better. Talk to people better and how to be a better coach”.  

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Master Ace Workshop Testimonial – Mark Speranza

Dear Master Ramirez, Thank you for an outstanding muay thai workshop Friday night during the Shuman Concepts Escape Weekend. The drills and workout were top notch and I am looking forward to getting them going on the Dojo floor. I have trained with many high level martial Artists throughout the years. I am proud to […]

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KRU Training Testimonial – Art Park

“I have never seen or experienced a more caring, professional, and expert martial arts instructor than Master Ace Ramirez and his incredible staff of coaches, trainers, and teachers!  From boxing to Muay Thai to Brazilian Jujitsu, KRU is absolutely the best place to get in shape and learn exceptional self-defense! Over the years, I’ve seen […]

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