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Tip #1 for Young Athletes from YESS Training

Below are four quick videos of me introducing the importance of weight training to young athletes. In the first video, I tell them not to be “Mirror Athletes”. Training hard in the gym for performance gains on the field is what should matter to an athlete. When you focus on physical appearance and how good […]

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Tip #3 for Young Athletes from YESS Training

In the third video, I speak of how all sports should focus on a year-round strength training plan. This is still not the case in a lot of weight rooms across the country. Why is the strongest kid in school always the football player? Maybe because football is just awesome, but that is another story… […]

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Tip #4 for Young Athletes from Yess Training

Com’On… You know you are Benching. Despite popular belief, athletes CAN Barbell Bench Press! As long as you have healthy shoulders, save ’em by “Popping Your Chest Up” and pinching your shoulder blades together and down. This simple, and yet most effective way to keep the shoulders strong and healthy will also make you a […]

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