I want to Succeed, BUT …

When one says they want to be “successful”, we have a thought of financial freedom and to have a certain amount of control and power over things around them. To others like myself, it simply means to be “happy”. For the sake of conversation, this entry is more about what people are willing to do to “achieve” there version of success.

I speak to alot of people on a daily basis. Early in my career they consisted with either students or parents of students. These days I generally speak to Instructors or Business owners. Truthfully, it seems there is no difference in the way many of them respond to me. Other than polite banter, it usually consists of people asking me to do certain things to help progress them. For students it is to progress their rank or personal life. For Instructors or Business owners, it is to improve their bottom line earnings and personal life.

I have others that want to fight and some are from my training camp and others I have never met and are from another part of the world. They say they “really want it, but…” (insert personal problem here).

There are countless books that will tell you about needed to love yourself first so others can love you (and you accept it). As the saying goes, “the goals we wish for are only dreams if we do not act upon them.” This brings me to my point of this post.

I happen to love reading the background stories of iconic people and always enjoy watching the biography channel. It doesn’t matter if it is about Einstein or Jay-Z. Everyone had challenges in their life and they all found it as an opportunity to not lay down and fall into the pit of excuses.

I am lucky that I had more than one chance to break out and on lost opportunities, use the excuse that it was someone else’s fault why I couldn’t achieve “x”. The fact is, EVERYONE has multiple chances to make a run at something (more than once). It is a conscious decision to SACRIFICE in order to get it. Does that mean every endeavor is painful? No, what I mean is their is always a sense of COURAGE that is needed to walk a path. Whether it is to start a family or take a new job.

Let’s discuss some conversations I had with people who want to become a breakout owner of a business or instructor in my field of martial arts. Is it safe to say everyone reading this has had a friend that claims to not have any money and they cannot do this or that to improve their situation but you find them either sporting a new expensive pair of shoes or see a post of them enjoying a dinner considerably more expensive to dine at than a Taco Bell? Those are choices people make that don’t seem like it would affect much. But it is truly a mindset that makes them less dedicated to the big picture.

Fitness competitors treat their nutrition, training schedule and even their sleep into account in order to be successful in their industry. That pretty much consists of their entire day having some affect on their results. We should be the same for whatever path our life has in our big picture goal.

I get calls from people who want to partner with me on a school or invest in a location but they have all these restrictions because of the inconvenience it presents for them. Well, the reason they are talking to me is because of the perceive ease and relative strength I have to convert something into something greater. Well let me tell you something. Years ago and even til this day I STRUGGLE. If anyone is NOT willing to take on the struggle WITH ME will not be able to share in my successes WITH ME. Here is something you may not know. In the beginning, I lived in my school (my office to be exact) with my newborn daughter and her mom. This lasted for about 8 months. Why? I had things to pay for and I could either give up the business or save money and reinvest any money back into the business instead of a comfortable luxury apartment, which we moved into directly after the office/apartment arrangement which produced great productivity for me. Many times I wish to do it again which is why my current office has a tv and pullout sofabed. It kind of reminds me of when Rocky was taken back to Apollo Creed’s old gym. You see I like working while uncomfortable. It reminds me to not get soft and their is a reason to work as if there is something like if a goal isn’t met, the business will end so make that push.

I get emails from people who want me to hire them. They go on to say how the learning experience will greatly help them and at the same time give them a mentor to give them a future that makes sense. Then shortly, it becomes how much I can pay them so they can get all this from me! People will gladly intern at a firm or pay a University thousands of dollars so they have a chance at a career. Scholarships have been created to allow a student to not pay but must contribute something that will generate dollars to compensate the University (which is a business) such as a sports program.

There has yet been a time I have been able to hire an employee that from day one they were able to do their job because school taught them how or they had the experience prior to coming on board. That education comes from those you want to surround yourself with. What I mean is, I never had a complaint about people who want my feedback and experience to help them. My concern is that they tell me they want my experience and mentorship but cloud that with choosing to NOT surround themselves with me, my practice and philosophies and post nonsense on social media. Mind you I do not care about that, it is a free country, but it does tell me where your focus is which is not congruent with what  you tell me your focus is.

I have no problem working with people. As I said before, I like stories. But the reality check is when you ask for advice so you can achieve the dream that is yours and only you can benefit from it, you must work harder than anyone else to get it. It will take sacrifice and courage. Do expect challenges to block you, but if you know they will be there, they will be much less intimidating.

Since this more of a part 1, put yourself in a few situations that at least remind you of being at a crossroads. It makes us stronger and committed. The key is to never leave that mindset, that way we can live in the moment and enjoy our life without regrets. Oh, and do have fun! We can only know what fun is by the work we put in.  You can absolutely Work hard so you can Play hard!


Feel free to contact me at masteraceramirez@gmail.com


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