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MASTERMIND v2Every Business needs more than simple products and services to sell. The foundation needs to be solid and most inexperienced owners can lose thousands learning how to achieve success operationally.

Options include consulting that either can be hired hourly or through generic assistance.

High level Mastermind Groups usually cost thousands per month and are simply out of the reach of most struggling entrepreneurs or business owners striving to get to the next level. This platform allows you to become a part of high level million dollar business models.

Only a few spots are available, so if you are interested please email me directly at and see if you qualify for this years elite group business training. Discounts to the first 10 who enroll!


Here is a list of Topics to be Revealed

February 24 th – Launch of the Mastermind Group in PA
A. 2013 – Preview – Recipe for Success
B. foundation – part 1- Model for success
C. Foundation – part 2- Standard operating procedures
D. Foundation – part 3- attendance tracking
E. foundation – part 4 – online marketing – website, social media
F. 90 day marketing strategy

May 19 –  Online Marketing Boot Camp in NJ

A. Blogging
B. content marketing
C. Tracking
D. Master ace- need topic approved from Shihan
F. 90 day marketing strategy

August 11th – Payroll and Staffing in PA

A. The staff model
B. Payroll and incentives
C. Staff responsibilities
D. Hiring and firing ( no particular order)
F . 90 day marketing strategy

November 17 in Florida

A. Special events
B. birthday parties
C. Program Director bootccamp
D. Need topic
F. 90 day marketing strategy

Additional Training:

Each class will have a 90 day implementation checklist

In between each quarterly training there will be the following:

  • Monthly webinar
  • bi weekly conference call with group
  • bi monthly accountability call



  • Pattern 1
    Pattern 2
    Pattern 3
    Pattern 4
    Pattern 5
    Pattern 6
    Pattern 7
    Pattern 8
    Pattern 9
    Pattern 10
    Pattern 11
    Pattern 12
    Pattern 13
    Pattern 14
    Pattern 15
    Pattern 16
    Pattern 17
    Pattern 18
    Pattern 19
    Pattern 20


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