Transformation Update July 11, 2013

As you may know I have had a challenging month. I was supposed to be at the Martial Arts Supershow July 1 -3 in Las Vegas but was not able to switch my summer week with my daughter. Even though I had promised many people that I would be there, spending time with my daughter is my first priority.

July 4th had its own shares of temptations with family reunions and amazing FOOD!

But I am happy to say I was able to make training 5 days a week since I scheduled them all to be done with my incredible wife, Kristine.

I have increased my cardio to date to before and after my strength training workouts. Although I am not a fan of running, I have found myself running longer and faster, however I would actually like to try a longer paced run using mid foot striking techniques. Maybe this will help my shins feeling like they are on fire on the longer heel-toe strides.

The next goal I have for the the second half of the month of July is to increase my pad holding time for students. Hopefully my neck and back can take the increased stress from the impact.

The drawback right now is that my leg days make kicking very awkward. I have never really done “strength training” for my legs. I just kicked…a lot! LOL. But the way my thighs and calves feel, any “shaking” that will occur from striking heavy bags and thai pads will make me scream like the 40 Year  Old Virgin scene waxing his chest hairs off! Time from some NamMan Muay Thai linament 🙂

Another thing is that I have been very consistent on my supplements and avoiding regular “bad foods”. It really isn’t that hard and I am feeling very satisfied once I get my shakes whether they be my spinach, kale, blueberries and flax seed juice or my Goat’s Milk Protein with recovery supplements stacked in. I do need to step up adding an extra meal or two in the day, but in all I am happy to report I have greatly reduced my migraines in the last month. Could it be due to my diet modifications?

That’s it for now on the update. Have a Productive and Healthy Day everyone!


Ace Ramirez



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