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Master Ace Ramirez has been training and teaching for the past 30 years and considers himself a student first and foremost. As a child, Master Ramirez was small and weak among his peers. He was inspired to train by heroes on the big screen such as Bruce Lee and the talented cast members of the Shaw Bros Company. He began training locally in the Art of Tae Kwon Do, which he is a Fourth Degree Rank. He later trained in Chinese Gung Fu, Wing Chun and Western Boxing as influenced by Bruce Lee’s Keet Kune Do. For its widely known effectiveness in weaponry, Master Ramirez became a backyard student of GrandMaster Amante P. Marinas, Sr. in Filipino Martial Arts (Arnis/Kali/Eskrima/Pananandata) which he is a Guro of Balisong and Associte Instructor of Stick Training. In the world of Mixed Martial Arts, he is a COACH Level 3 of Champions and World Reknown Trainer Erik Paulson in his Combat Submission Wrestling system.

Master Ramirez began his training with Muay Thai after he gained much traditional arts training. His first formal training began with Kru Vut Kamnark who introduced him to Kru Ponsan Ekyothin. After establishing himself as a solid trainer and coach, Master Ramirez began working with Fairtex Muay Thai in San Francisco, CA under the late Alex (F-14) Gong. Master Ramirez was then appointed as the North East Region Director for Fairtex and Certification Curriciulum designer until Alex Gong’s passing.

Continuing on his quest, Master Ace promoted Muay Thai in the North East with his “Battlegrounds Fighting Championships” and helped bring attention to Muay Thai as an art and sport in the area, giving an opportunity to many young practitioners to showcase their skills.

Master Ramirez is also a Certified Instructor under Muay Thai Master Toddy of Las Vegas which he has greatly been influenced as well.

Master Ace Ramirez was the first Martial Artist featured on MTV’s Exclusive show “Made” where Muay Thai was exposed to the public helping a young girl use the training to reach her personal goals. Start your training today and reach your goals! 


He is passionate about teaching and he can be found teaching students at the headquarter in Bergenfield, New Jersey as well as Instructors throughout the country. His goal is to provide elite instruction with modern approaches to martial training in a professional manner. He hopes to lead people to become champions within themselves and not just in the ring. HIs KRU Muay Thai COACH/Instructor Program is much sought after and is one of many programs he is trying to implement through the martial arts community. He may be contacted via




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