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I want to Succeed, BUT …

When one says they want to be “successful”, we have a thought of financial freedom and to have a certain amount of control and power over things around them. To others like myself, it simply means to be “happy”. For the sake of conversation, this entry is more about what people are willing to do […]

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Transformation Update July 11, 2013

As you may know I have had a challenging month. I was supposed to be at the Martial Arts Supershow July 1 -3 in Las Vegas but was not able to switch my summer week with my daughter. Even though I had promised many people that I would be there, spending time with my daughter […]

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What is Holding You Back from Success?

“Everybody wants to Succeed.” I don’t think that statement could be argued. So is the reason many people are not successful because they don’t “know how”? Noah St. John studied thousands of people and he found that many people are constantly weighing the benefits versus the costs to making certain decisions. He came up with […]

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Forming Good Habits

If you want to Change Your Habits, you can simply change what’s “normal” for you. This is something I’ve done myself many times over the last decade. Here’s just a sample of the new normal I’ve achieved in my life: Writing every day became normal Not having coffee became normal Juicing became normal Meditating every […]

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Marketing Tips to Track Your Competitors

Are you the type to wonder what to do next when figuring out how to keep up with your competition? Entrepreneur has posted some great tips regarding not spending a lot of time figuring out what they are doing and how to track it. The following are a few tips that I know you should […]

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Lessons from Warren Buffet and Bill Gates

The following Video and article were not published together but I thought it would be helpful to you to see how these two thought and how each other’s experiences can influence us. Although this is NOT a martial arts video, I hope you will enjoy and learn from it.     3 Things Bill Gates […]

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Is Trying to Be Number 1 Bad?

There has always been a thought process that having a successful business meant you were “Selling Out”. Well can I tell you that I have seen many businesses that are NOT doing well and they are selling out and others that again do not do well and they do not provide any similar service to […]

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“Guilt Trip” Lessons on Selling

I have been getting some movies from RedBox lately and the other night I was watching the movie “The Guilt Trip” With my wife. I thought it would be funny to watch but I really wanted to be working on some marketing for the Summer. Well it turns out that I was able to to […]

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Congrats to Ryan Castro on his Confirmation

On Cinco de Mayo my nephew Ryan Castro received the sacrament of Confirmation. It was a beautiful day that brought in the Castro Clan and the Gonda Tribe (and Ramirez, too). Here is a great pic after the service!    

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A Father/Son Story not to be Forgotten

Strongest Dad in the World by Rick Reilly Eighty-five times he’s pushed his disabled son, Rick, 26.2 miles in marathons. Eight times he’s not only pushed him 26.2 miles in a wheelchair but also towed him 2.4 miles in a dinghy while swimming and pedaled him 112 miles in a seat on the handlebars – […]

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