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The Six Lessons I Live By

This is a wonderful article written by Ari Emanuel Read and enjoy! More importantly… Apply! 1. Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you and move out of their way. If you feel like you know everything, you’re wrong. I know what I don’t know and then I find partners who can teach me. A […]

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KRU Muay Thai in San Antonio Texas

Hello everyone. I am going to Texas! Well at least for the weekend 🙂 I just wanted to give the preliminaries that I will be doing a Seminar at Greg Borrego’s martial arts school in San Antonio, Texas on April 30, 2010. Please come train with me and have some fun! We are planning on having two […]

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What is Battlegrounds Genesis

Master Ace Ramirez designed “Battlegrounds Genesis” as a tool for KRU Muay Thai students to

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KRU Fighter New Muay Thai Champion!

KRU Muay Thai’s own Gerald Javier is now the New Super Bantamweight Warrior’s Cup Muay Thai Champion! Master Ace Ramirez would like to thank Ace’s Boxing Head Coach Al Artola and Strength and Conditioning Coach Joe Rossi from Yess Training as well as the entire KRU Muay Thai Team for the success that Gerald has […]

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KRU Future and Junior Champions Promotion Results

We would like to congratulate the following Future and Junior Champions for testing and passing their rank promotion on February 26th and March 5th 2010.  Future Champions Name                                                                        New Rank Mackenzie Reape                                     White with Yellow Russel Roque                                             White with Orange EJ Roque                                                      Whit e with Yellow Jose Roque                                                  White with Yellow Alex Pacheco                                              […]

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Ace’s Boxing Club Fighter Advances to Nationals

We would like to congratulate Ace’s Boxing Club fighter Kevin Hernandez on his boxing match win this past Saturday Feb. 20th. This win puts him on his way to winning the Nationals at Lake Placid in May. Of course, Kevin could not succeed without the mentoring of Boxing Head COACH Al Artola. His master strategy […]

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Lifestyle Success Topic 2 Review – Mindset

What is a mindset?                                          Millionaire/Billionaire Mindset? Examples Laws of Attraction are not about dating or relationships directly, but about the essence of Karma. What we give is also what we get.   Law is impartial as the law of gravity. You will fall to ground whether you are nice or mean.If things don’t go […]

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Lifestyle Success Topic 1 Review – Organization

The following is an outline of last month’s Lifestyle Success Workshop on “Organization”.   Week 1 Topic “Organization” In order for us to succeed we need to develop clarity in where we are and where we are headed. 1.       Champion Success Plan a.       Know what you want – very difficult to answer b.      Have a Plan […]

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