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KRU Muay Thai Step 3 – Equipment

Now we need to start setting up your facility for your introduction to KRU Muay Thai training. Please email the floorspace (in sq ft.) of your school and include an equipment list. Example – Currently have in use at your school: __ Jump Ropes __ pairs of focus mitts __ pairs of thai pads __ Kicking […]

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KRU Muay Thai Step 2 – Training Videos

Step number 2 is to review your Novice Rank training videos as well as your supplemental class planner and manual. Even though you have not completely learned the novice curriculum or not from the Muay Thai base style, Master Ace Ramirez will be expecting an immediate video of the following from the instrcutor(s) who will be […]

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KRU Muay Thai Step 1 – Call Times

Now that you are enrolled in the KRU Training Systems Muay Thai Instructor Certification Program, the first step is to establish a call time for Master Ace Ramirez to Evaluate your current status Review/arrange your class schedule Consult with you and your instructors training Discuss your training visdeo consultations Set up your class integration Marketing your […]

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KRU System Instructor Blog

{++} This is Blog will be specifically for members of my KRU Instructor System and will include valuable information that will be added on a regular basis. Tips and assignments will be posted here and will not be available for the public in operating your KRU Program at your location. If you do not yet have […]

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