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Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome

Without trying to sound too much of a nerd, Yes I was a fan of the original Battlestar Galactica original series as a child. I was very much anticipating the return of the possible new series which this blog is about. I hope you will enjoy some of the clips I will include here . […]

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Funny Prank

Check out this prank    

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End of June Update

Good morning everyone. Please do not go to Bergenfield for your scheduled classes! We are now officially in July and we are basically getting the finishing touches up on our new location in Tenafly which will also serve as our new HQ for KRU Muay Thai and Submission Wrestling Academy. The good news is it’s […]

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Beat Stress by Eating

Food is as Powerful as Drugs  If your diet consists of processed foods and highly caffeinated beverages, you’re setting yourself up for even more stress than your day is already throwing at you. Some research shows that excessive consumption of caffeine can lead to anxiety. The solution is to use diet to calm your stress, […]

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Next Webinar

Thank you for Submitting your information for the Upcoming Webinar with Master Ace Ramirez, Director for KRU Training Systems (KRU Muay Thai & Submission Wrestling Academy). Registration Link Topic 6 Steps To Successfully Transform your School  Whether it is changing your price structure? Adding a new program? Getting New Staff? In this Webinar Master […]

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The KRU NATION Network was developed to get instructors of various “style” backgrounds and come together with a unified vision of curriculum evolution, business development and community of knowledge. Not only are there an online idea of collaboration, but Live events such asupcoming 2013 KRU EXPO, Instructor Training Weekends, Student Training Camps and Owner Mastermind […]

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How to Deal With Manipulative People Pt 2

How to Deal With Manipulative People–Part Two By Ryan Murdoch This is continuation of the article first written in the EARLY TO RISE Newsletter. Here you go. In Part One of this article I introduced you to a personality type I call The Manipulator: a covert operator who imposes on your time and resources to serve his or her own ends. […]

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How to Deal With Manipulative People Pt 1

How to Deal With Manipulative People–Part One By Ryan Murdoch Following your life’s purpose with single-minded devotion is a challenging task at the best of times. But it’s even harder when faced with people who try to impose their priorities on you in an effort to benefit from your work.We always talk about removing those things from your life that pull […]

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Use One System

I speak to ALOT of people in any given week. Some are individuals such as family and friends, some are small business owners, some are BIG business owners, and many happen to be martial arts school owners and instructors. They wind up being (not all)  categorized into 2 main categories. People who either do not […]

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The Best Investment is in Yourself

I am a big advocate in believing in yourself enough that you will invest in your continuing education. Yes, it most likely will mean that there is a cost involved, but these days what doesn’t. I have people that truly would benefit from martial arts training, but cry they cannot afford it, only to see […]

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